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Choicy Privacy Policy

Collection and use of information

Service Choicy receives information that is collected automatically. Your data is used only within the company and is not transferred to third parties.

Choicy collects the Email addresses of all those who communicate with us by e-mail, as well as information provided voluntarily through such activities as participation in surveys. Choicy also collects aggregated and anonymous user data regarding the use of applications. Information we collect, service only to improve the quality of service Choicy. We collect only those personal data that are required to service the service, and store them in the measure necessary to provide services.

To ensure the reliability of the service and its basic functions, access to use, we collect certain information automatically: the IP address of your device, the operating system used, using our service, the non-personal data extracted from the visited websites, as well as data on, how you use the service when interacting with it on the websites you visit. Other information related to maintenance can be collected.

Your data

Choicy is an Internet provider providing access to services and services. While Choicy owns the code, databases and all rights to the Choicy application, all the rights to your data belong to you. We will never disclose your personal information to third parties without your consent and never sell your data to third parties. Data processing takes place in EC. We exchange data with third-party contractors, services that are necessary for booking a service. All of them comply with the GDPR decree and use the necessary precautions if they are outside the EU.


We use cookies to store user settings. We use cookies, as well as other semi-permanent markers to identify users of the service. When you register as a user and create an account, your account communicates with the tokens and serves and synchronizes with them. Your consent to the use of identifiers is necessary in order to ensure the full safe operation of the Choicy service.

Extension for Google Chrome

The extension of AmazonSort collects, uses and shares non-personalized user information with third parties:

Choicy extension uses the next permissions for the following reasons:

  1. tabs – search for similar products in active browser tabs; providing access pages with products thathave been found; welcoming and demonstrating training material for new users.
  2. webRequest – providing the functionality of the extension within the range not exceeding theexpectations of users: do not search for products in online-stores, where the extension does not provideits functionality; lunching the search functions for the user only in case if the user is on the product pagein the online-store, and not on any other page.
  3. webRequestBlocking – stable functioning of partner programs of the relevant online-stores.In orderto continue to develop this extension and make it advertising-free, we must look for ways to monetize it.We use these queries to work with the referral programs represented in the Internet. This does not meanthat we will advertise unprofitable offers to users - we still look for and advise only the best products,regardless of whether we earn on it.
  4. cookies - user registration and support for an authorized user session.
  5. storage – improving the quality of product searches by analysing user's behaviour and user'spreferences; keeping the user's authentication data in order to provide extension functionality that doesnot exceed user's expectations (avoidance of duplicate products' information for the user and setprioritizing for new and unique items); speeding up the extension as well as ensuring its stability andabsence of inconvenient slowing down of operations.
  6. http(s)://*/* – searching for similar products in online-stores that are of interest to the user.
  7. activeTab – displaying the results of search for similar products in the active browser tab in relation tothe product that is of interest to the user.
The extension allows Google Analytics to receive non-personalized user data. This data allows Google Analytics to consolidate and interpret it into summary reports. AmazonSort uses Google Analytics’ summary reports to comprehensively improve the service throughout the development of new versions of AmazonSort’s extension, unable to correlate any data from the summary reports with any particular user. AmazonSort is unable to associate any data from the summary reports with any particular user.


Service Choicy does not request data and does not use services that are prohibited for children under 13 years old. If parents or guardians become aware that the child has provided us with information without the consent of adults, they should contact us at We will remove the information from our databases within 96 hours.

Your consent

By using the service, you agree to the processing of your information as specified in this policy, and you also agree to the amendments we made. "Processing" means the use of cookies on your computer or portable device, collecting, storing, deleting, using, combining and disclosing information.

Advertising Servers

We do not cooperate and do not have any relations with the companies that provide advertising servers.


All data and information transmitted through the Service are encrypted using an SSL protocol.


If our information policy changes in the future, we will notify you of this by posting the changes on our website. For new purposes, only the data obtained after the policy change will be used. If you care about how your information is used, periodically check our website.

If you believe that this site does not comply with the stated policy, you can contact us at